The lowest price test in the country, affecting 1814 pharmaceutical companies!

Editor:宏冠生物药业有限公司 │ Release Time:2018-11-20 

On November 14, the Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Machinery Purchasing Center issued a notice requesting bidders to complete the reporting of the lowest online transaction price of the relevant products by December 3rd. There are 1,814 bidding companies involved in this linkage (accumulated by different subsidiaries), and many companies such as AstraZeneca, Bayer, Harbin Pharmaceutical, Shuanghe Pharmaceutical, and Sihuan Bio are among them.


Fill in the quote price


According to the notification requirements, all products that are traded online in Zhejiang Province, including filing products and passing the consistency evaluation products, must carry out price linkage. The company is required to log in to the drug base database through the account number, and fill in the lowest online transaction price and price source province of the product in the “lowest price report”.


According to the relevant regulations on centralized drug procurement in Zhejiang Province, in principle, the lowest online transaction price in the country reported by the bidder is used as the new centralized purchase price of the province.


The data source of Zhejiang's lowest price linkage adopts centralized procurement and online transaction price information as of the province on October 31 (within the territory of China, excluding Guangdong, Fujian, Chongqing and military regions), including the results of the successful bidding Execute the product. Among them, through the consistency evaluation product is the lowest price of the net purchase price and the bid price of the province after passing the consistency evaluation.


The "China's lowest price linkage complaints combing rules for online trading products in Zhejiang Province" issued by the notice also reminded us that the products that are linked to the lowest price in the country will not be actually sold if the lowest price in the country has been on January 1, 2018. If the record is recorded, the enterprise must report the parallel price at the lowest price in the country; if the lowest price in the country is the online transaction price in Zhejiang Province, the price must be used as the 2018 linkage price of the province.


Of course, there are still some exceptional varieties. The products that are temporarily not linked include the first batch of concentrated purchase of low-priced medicine products, ordinary large infusions, special medicines for rare diseases, national negotiating drugs, supply of tightly managed drugs, original cheap drugs, major medical insurance products, and fixed-point production products. In addition, in 2018, the catalogue of products related to the centralized procurement of anticancer drugs in Zhejiang Province will be implemented according to the requirements of the special centralized procurement work plan and procurement documents.


As for the results of the failure to report truthfully, with reference to a notice issued by the Zhejiang Pharmaceutical Machinery Purchasing Center in September, products that have been complained for reasons such as price, after the procedures of verification and publicity, suspend the online transaction qualification of related products. The notice also reminded that all relevant enterprises should strengthen their study and understanding of the relevant documents on the lowest price linkage work in Zhejiang Province, and truthfully declare the drug price information according to the requirements, so as to avoid luck. If the case is not truthfully declared, it will be dealt with seriously according to the relevant provisions on centralized drug procurement in Zhejiang Province.


Conversion ratio conversion continues


Last year, the conversion ratio conversion, which once triggered industry attention, continued to be used this year.


Consistent with last year, Zhejiang still requires the minimum online price of the product to be reported when the minimum online transaction price of the product is reported. The national lowest price of the minimum preparation unit price is multiplied by the corresponding conversion ratio of the product in Zhejiang online trading.


If the other provinces (cities) are lower, take the lowest price of the smallest preparation unit price of other provinces (cities), and report it after conversion. If Zhejiang Province is lower, it is divided into the following two cases: all products with the same conversion ratio that have not been price-linked in Zhejiang Province under the same specifications are directly reported in the online transaction price of Zhejiang Province (no conversion is required); If there is a product with a conversion ratio that has been price-linked in Zhejiang Province, the lowest price of the smallest preparation unit price in Zhejiang Province will be taken, and the conversion will be reported. The province where the price source is selected is “Zhejiang Province”.


In fact, similar practices have been re-enacted in other provinces. For example, when Guangdong issued a notice in October this year to re-collect the latest valid bids (hanging net) prices of the relevant drugs in all provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities), the company is required to fill in the price according to the “unit of measurement” given by each specific product of the system, such as If the unit of measurement is inconsistent with the unit of the winning bid (hanging net) price, it will be filled out after self-conversion, and the bid winning price (hanging net) price will be kept to 4 digits after the decimal point (rounded off).