Hebei continues to grow imports and exports along the Belt and Road

Editor:宏冠生物药业有限公司 │ Release Time:2018-11-20 

According to the statistics of Shijiazhuang Customs, from January to September this year, the total import and export value of Hebei Province along the “Belt and Road” was 77.43 billion yuan (the same below), which was 5.6% higher than the same period of the previous year (the same below). In the same period, the total value of imports and exports of Hebei Province was 29.8%. Among them, exports were 63.22 billion yuan, a slight increase of 2.7%; imports were 14.21 billion yuan, an increase of 20.9%. The trade surplus was 49.01 billion yuan, an increase of 6.66 billion yuan from the previous month.


In September, the import and export value reached a new high of 9.93 billion yuan, an increase of 16.9%, an increase of 4.1% from the previous month; of which exports were 8.29 billion yuan, an increase of 15%, a month-on-month increase of 1%; imports of 1.64 billion yuan, an increase of 27.6%, a month-on-month increase 23.4%.


General trade imports and exports accounted for more than 90%. The general trade mode imported and exported 71.39 billion yuan to the countries along the line, an increase of 6%, accounting for 92.2% of the total import and export value of Hebei Province along the same period. In the same period, the import and export of processing trade was 3.15 billion yuan, down 12.9%; the export of export goods by foreign contracted projects was 940 million yuan, a substantial increase of 1.4 times.


Private enterprises are the mainstay. The import and export of private enterprises was 57.39 billion yuan, up 5.5%, accounting for 74.1% of the total value of imports and exports; the import and export of foreign-invested enterprises was 9.37 billion yuan, up 4.2%; the import and export of state-owned enterprises was 10.67 billion yuan, up 7.6%.


Import and export to Russia ranks first. Imports and exports to Russia were 15.34 billion yuan, down 4.4%; imports and exports to India were 8.88 billion yuan, up 6.8%; imports and exports to the UAE were 5.86 billion yuan, up 35.7%; imports and exports to Vietnam were 5.18 billion yuan, up 0.3%; Import and export was 4.22 billion yuan, down 3%; import and export to Thailand was 3.95 billion yuan, up 6.9%; import and export to Malaysia was 3.46 billion yuan, up 27.8%; import and export to the Philippines was 3.47 billion yuan, down 9.9%; import and export to Pakistan 2.09 billion yuan, down 24%; import and export to Turkey was 2.02 billion yuan, down 7.1%; other countries along the line also have different levels of import and export.


Mechanical and electrical products, textiles and garments, steel products, etc. are the main export commodities, and the export of high-tech products is growing strongly. Exports of mechanical and electrical products reached 15.23 billion yuan, up 28.8%; exports of steel reached 13.03 billion yuan, down 11.8%; exports of clothing 12 billion yuan, down 7.6%; exports of textiles 5.29 billion yuan, down 10%; high-tech products (with mechanical and electrical products) Cross-) exports of 4.57 billion yuan, a rapid increase of 88.1%; pharmaceutical exports of 2.03 billion yuan, an increase of 21.3%; agricultural exports of 2 billion yuan, an increase of 3.9%.


Imports are mainly based on crude oil, agricultural products, iron ore, coal, primary shape plastics and mechanical and electrical products. Imported crude oil from the countries along the route was 3.12 billion yuan, up 98.8%; imported agricultural products 2.07 billion yuan, up 11.6%; imported iron ore and concentrates 1.13 billion yuan, down 35.5%; primary shape plastic imports 1.65 billion yuan, up 25.2 %; coal and lignite imports were 900 million yuan, up 24.9%.