Kunming and Guangdong prescription outflows have another trend, government pharmacies stocking

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In Kunming and Guangdong, there is another trend in prescription outflows. The government is shouting and the pharmacy is stocking.


▍Kunming: 26 kinds of diseases, pharmacies take medicine


Recently, the Kunming Medical Insurance Bureau held a news briefing to introduce the pilot work of the special medical insurance "special chronic disease" treatment payment to retail pharmacies.


It is reported that starting from January next year, citizens can use the prescriptions to buy medical insurance cards in 10 pilot retail pharmacies in the main city of Kunming to purchase drugs related to chronic diseases.


Before the end of December this year, the pilot work leading group consisting of Kunming Municipal People's Social Security Bureau, Health Planning Commission and the Food and Drug Administration will be in the five districts of Kunming's main city (5 districts of Wuhua, Panlong, Guandu, Xishan and Chenggong). The selection of 10 retail pharmacies for pilot work.


It is expected that from January next year, related drugs for 26 chronic diseases including hypertension and diabetes will be settled through medical insurance in the pilot retail pharmacies.


It is reported that the pilot application for retail pharmacies is already underway. At this stage, the pilot pharmacies will be implemented in the five districts of the main city, and will be promoted to the whole city and gradually expanded to 50.


With the accumulation of chronic disease drugs in the management of pharmacies, future special diseases will also be considered in the pilot of payment expansion.


In the past, the chronic disease insured person could only open the drug for one month in the medical institution. After the payment of the payment was expanded, the insured person could open the drug for one month at a time, which greatly reduced the number of times the insured person queued for the drug. and time.


Behind the medical insurance settlement of 26 chronic disease retail pharmacies must be the simultaneous outflow of prescriptions for such diseases. Under the background of controlling the proportion of drugs in hospitals, eliminating the addition of drugs, and gradually reducing the use of chronic diseases, it is reasonable to take drugs from chronic diseases.


Zhang Renchun, deputy director of the Administration Department of Kunming Medical Insurance Bureau, said this question at the briefing: "The large hospitals wait and queue for a long time, and some medicines are not open. Some chronic diseases in basic hospitals are not basic medicines. Can not open. Therefore, after the implementation of this policy, it can alleviate the long waiting time of large hospitals, and the small hospitals can not get medicines."


It can be seen that some public hospitals and basic hospitals cannot open medicines, and pharmacies should stock them in time.


▍Guangdong: After reviewing generic drugs, pharmacies should be prepared


On November 11, the Guangdong Provincial Government announced the “Implementation Plan for Reforming and Improving the Supply and Use Policy of Generic Drugs” (hereinafter referred to as the “Program”).


According to the “Proposal”, patients are allowed to freely choose to purchase medicines at medical institutions or medical insurance designated retail pharmacies by prescription; encourage medical insurance designated retail pharmacies to ensure the supply guarantee of generics through consistency evaluation.


It is worth noting that Guangdong has previously issued a notice to clarify Chinese patent medicines and supplementary medicines, prohibiting prescription outflows and purchasing medicines outside the hospital.


At present, Guangdong not only gives a green light to the consistency of evaluation drugs, but also actively encourages pharmacies to stock up, which means that the market opportunity for generic evaluation of generic drugs will flow to retail pharmacies.


Some media analysts pointed out that from the two policies recently introduced in Kunming and Guangdong Province, "prescription outflow" is an irresistible trend, and the good days of retail pharmacies seem to be coming.