CCTV Financial Channel focuses on Yinchuan "Internet + Medical"

Editor:宏冠生物药业有限公司 │ Release Time:2018-11-20 

On November 15th, CCTV Financial Channel “Economic Half-hour” column broadcasted “Internet: Let famous doctors enter the countryside”, focusing on Yinchuan Internet + medical work, telling Yinchuan’s famous experts who can face large hospitals in township hospitals. There is no need to go to the big hospital for medical treatment.


Yang Shufang of Helan County felt chest pain at home and went to the Helan County People's Hospital for examination. Due to the limited diagnostic level of the county hospital, the doctor suggested that Yang Shufang should be referred to Yinchuan First People's Hospital for surgery. In the ambulance, doctors used it. The monitoring device monitored her heart and transmitted the situation to the remote center via the network. The center then transmitted the analyzed report to the doctor. Before Yang Shufen arrived at the hospital, the doctor had already mastered her condition and did not need to do any further inspection. Enter the operating room for treatment.


It is understood that in order to solve the problem of the general weakening of the primary diagnosis ability of primary medical institutions, Yinchuan has established the Ningxia Electrophysiology Remote Diagnosis Center, which is composed of a three-level hospital and a two-level hospital, township hospital and community service organization in a certain regional area. The medical cooperation unit in the medical union will make two-way referrals and rationally allocate medical resources. The center professional doctors will take turns to analyze the cases 24 hours a day. The emergency patients can receive the cases within two minutes. If surgery is needed, the center will help pass the green channel. Referred to other hospitals.


At the same time, Yinchuan also built a city-wide national health information platform and grassroots medical and health information system focusing on regional health information interconnection, and built a health service model covering health butlers, community hospitals, second- and third-tier hospitals, and large-scale hospitals. It also gathers a wealth of quality medical service resources to solve problems such as consultations and external surgery for local incurable diseases, and enhance the technical capabilities of local medical staff. At the same time, the entire process of Internet hospital services (medical insurance, medical care, medicine) and the patient's health record data are all stored in the big data center, and the port is opened to the regulatory authorities, and the supervision platform is docked to effectively alleviate the prescription outflow of telemedicine. The lack of supervision of online diagnosis and treatment results.


Nowadays, in Yinchuan, “Internet + Medical” not only accelerates the integration of medical resources, information sharing, but also sinks high-quality medical resources to grassroots hospitals, which makes it difficult for patients in remote areas to see a doctor.