The state takes the purchase, or initiates these measures!

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On the 18th, the 2018 (11th) China Pharmaceutical Strategy Conference hosted by China Medical Industry Information Center, Haikou Municipal People's Government and Hainan Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology was held in Haikou City.


▍National collection of quantity, is a group purchase


At the meeting, Gong Bo, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Social Security, said that the national “4+7” drug centralized procurement program was not reduced. He said, “Understanding Shanghai’s procurement. For the enterprise to understand that the National Development and Reform Commission will certainly help through the national organization of drug consumption procurement programs."


What is quantity procurement?


Gong Bo introduced that the recruitment of medicines is very simple, and the return to the original intention is a concept of group purchase. For example, for example, we usually go to the movies, and it is definitely expensive to go to the cinema for temporary purchase. The price of the online group purchase is definitely cheap.


But it doesn't make sense to go to the cinema temporarily and ask people to buy a group price - no one will agree. This is the essence of the price-price linkage.


▍ quantity and price linked, drug quality is the key


In fact, so many years of provincial bidding procurement has been criticized by everyone, the main reason is that the volume is not linked to the price, and secondly, the procurement subject is not clear. However, Gong Bo believes that the most critical issue is still not solved by quality.


The author believes that the threshold for the entry of the original drug and generic drug into the market is different - the quality of the generic drug and the original drug have indeed been different. The generics have made a big fuss in marketing, which has led to the phenomenon that bad money drives out good money, and even the more expensive the drugs.


However, the evaluation of generic drug consistency pushed by the state now enhances the quality of generic drugs through the setting of the front-end. In the recruitment process, the original research drug is treated equally, and medical institutions are even encouraged to substitute. In this way, in the operation of the quantity and price linkage, it will be much smoother.


"There is a need to save money, but the premise is quality," Gong Bo said.


绝 Shanghai collection mining price reduction trick: prepayment, underwriting


Shanghai's sunshine procurement is a prepayment system, which may be the most anticipated scene for countless pharmaceutical companies.


Gong Bo introduced that once the product has won the bid, the manufacturer will select the distributor, then produce and distribute it, and sign a tripartite agreement with the Shanghai Pharmaceutical Centralized Bidding and Purchasing Management Office. After signing the contract, pay the money within three days, pay 50% to the distributor first, and the distributor will give the manufacturer according to the agreement. This is the advance payment.


Gong Bo said that this is also the reason why pharmaceutical companies are willing to cut prices in Shanghai: first payment, give me a low price, but I am underwriting!


Cypress Blue learned from interviewing industry people that such a commitment can be reduced as long as all the pharmaceutical companies are willing to do so. However, the current source of the industry’s wait-and-see attitude and even fear is to be afraid of price cuts. By the time the national linkage, the initiative was completely lost.


The author thinks that the quantity and price are linked, and when it is said, it is no problem; otherwise, the enterprise will not easily cut the price.


No cost, no doctors don't have to


The price has dropped, there is no space, what should doctors do not want to use? Shanghai has a way.


According to Gong Bo, Shanghai has passed a third-party evaluation system, telling the hospital that it is the most cost-effective to use the drugs with the quantity to purchase the winning bid.


If other breeds are used, the doctor should give an explanation. Is the original drug cost poor? Still not recognized for the quality of the winning drugs? This third party will also expose the hospital's procurement results to self-discipline, and will also be supervised by the hospital's ranking.


In addition, administrative measures are also more stringent. The performance appraisal of the dean will affect his promotion, and the medical insurance will have a warning mechanism for doctors' abnormal prescriptions. If a drug purchases a thousand boxes last year, and there are only five boxes this year, then the hospital will explain why?


There are still many places to learn from Shanghai's experience in collecting mining. Perhaps the details of the country's procurement, such as the mandatory measures for hospital use, will be announced soon.